Wonderful Location –  Sea perfect – Clear & Clean !

Wonderful Location – Sea perfect – Clear & Clean !

Benitses Sea

The sea in Benitses is remarkably clean, thanks to a marine plant named Posidonia which you may see on the sea-bed. This may not appeal to swimmers because of the dark color, but it cleans the water by filtering toxic substances, heavy minerals and carbon dioxide, it provides oxygen and also valuable shelter and food for the small fish, and generally is responsible for the delicious seafood available, as well as for the purity of the water.
The Posidonia meadows are green, but when the leaves gets old they take a dark brown color, separate from the plant and with the help of the tides they end up on the beaches, which are cleaned after the winter storms  so that they are beautifully clean and visitors can enjoy them.

Posidonia is not seaweed as some people mistakenly think, but a valuable marine plant that grows, blooms and multiplies like terrestrial plants,  It`s biggest enemies are the trawlers, the intensive fishing and human ignorance. It is a sign of clean sea and a well balanced environment, and only thrives in the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Benitses Beach

Benitses beach is a small beach covered with sand and gravel with clean waters and is located in front of the homonymous, famous resort  on the eastern coast of the island. The beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag by the European Union. It is organized and offers a variety of sea sports. The most special characteristic in Benitses beach is its sea bed where, the aquatic plant Posidonia is in abundance. This plant has the property of filtering the water from harmful substances. It is proof of a clean sea and of a balanced environment and it only grows in the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean.

It was in Benitses beach that the famous Kaiser, the German emperor Wilhelm II used to take his swim. In order to go directly to the sea, he had had a bridge built starting from his Achillion palace, the famous Kaiser Bridge  which you will find on the road just before you enter the settlement. The main road is located above Benitses beach where, you will find many super markets, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Near the beach there is a small harbor where many touristy and fishing vessels anchor.