Laopetra Restaurant

Laopetra tavern in Benitses of Corfu, offers Greek cuisine and Corfiot specialities in a beautiful and traditional setting, created to fulfill the customers’ desires. The menu includes homemade recipes, made from fresh local products. Try fried calf steak, delicious “stifado” with old-fashioned rabbit stew, stuffed peppers, traditional beef sofrito & Pastitsada ( local dishes) two of the signature dishes of Corfu . If you are looking for the ideal restaurant in Corfu, Laopetra won’t let you down.

Make your  reservation in the traditional greek tavern Laopetra in Corfu and enjoy discounts and special offers valid only for guest from Passas Mare Apartments.

Passas Mare - Laopetra Restaurant
Passas Mare - Laopetra Restaurant
Passas Mare - Laopetra Restaurant
Passas Mare - Laopetra Restaurant

Benitse’s oldest restaurant “Laopetra Restaurant” continues to receive connoisseurs of the finest that Greek traditional cuisine has to offer. The emphasis here is on top quality in the realms of taste and service. The magic of our family taverna reaches beyond the delicious and healthy Greek cuisine that we offer. With great care and love, we also aim to immerse you in the atmosphere and environment of Greece, so that each guest will be carried away to the taste, the sight and the sounds of Greece. We are always looking for ways to provide what you wish at the Laopetra Restaurant. We organize wedding parties, birthday parties and many different events for people of all ages.


Visit us to see the the wide variety of Dishes the Laoeptra Restaurant Offers

Salad €6.20

Add a healthy dose of fresh local vegetables to your meal.

GREEK €08,90

Don't leave Greece without trying our best Greek dishes, from brilliant Mousaka to super tasty Sofrito.

FISH €12,50

The fish supper is the perfect low-calorie, low-hassle weeknight meal.Taste the finest fruits of the waterworld.


Kick off your meal in style with our chic & tasty selection of starters.


Choose from classic Italian pasta Dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese, carbonara, sea food .

MEAT €17.50

Top Dishes with beef, chicken, pork, and more, served with fresh vegetables and potatoes.

When choosing a restaurant while on holiday, every traveler hopes for quality. In a clean, family environment, you can daily enjoy local delicacies, meze, roasted meat dishes, barbeque dishes, and delicious Corfiot recipies from our wood oven! The family atmosphere of the Laopetra Restaurant, the flowery external environment and the hospitality will be unforgettable! Daily you can enjoy a variety of grilled meat and barbeque! We are looking forward to see you at the Laopetra Restaurant in Benitses Corfu !

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